Small Business SEO Services

Having a beautiful website is nice. Having a beautiful website that people can find when they search for products and services similar to what you have, is nicer. Your website is the gateway to growing your business. SEO is the ticket to making that happen. Investing in SEO should be part of your marketing budget and is for your long term strategy. Over time, as the SEO begins working for you, traffic will steadily increase. Organic leads, or the leads from SEO, are statistically higher quality and are more likely to convert over leads that come from paid ads.

There are two parts to your website. The first part is the website itself, or, the part you can see. The second part is what you cannot see. It is the part that enables search engines to find it and understand what it is about. That part is called the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

SEO is made up of around 200 parts. When all these 200 parts are done the right way, some only once and others repeatedly and consistently, search engine algorithms can quickly and easily locate your website, understand what it is about and determine if it is relevant to the search query.


If it is determined to be relevant, it will be listed in the search results. Where it is listed, whether it is on the first page, or on the 25th page of results, is dependent on many factors. How old is the domain? What language is it in? What is the location of the business as compared to where the search originates? Is there recent and regular activity on the site? How much traffic does it get? Does it have a high or low bounce rate? All of these and many more are factors that the algorithm takes into account when figuring out where your website will be listed in search results.

A good SEO company with experience and knowledge is vital. In most cases with SEO, you get what you pay for. Elevated Strategies is well versed in SEO and will ensure that your website is fully optimized. Our managed SEO plan keeps up with the required ongoing activities needed in order to build a strong organic presence online.

The SEO team at Elevated Strategies are top notch, experienced and keep up with the latest algorithm updates. They know what activities should be done and when to execute them to maximize their efforts and increase impressions and clicks. SEO is the foundation your website is built on. Elevated Strategies ensure that your foundation is strong and solid and will last a long time. If this sounds like the kind of foundation you are looking for, get in touch with us today.