Elevated Strategies NY Announces Partnership with SeoSamba For Digital Marketing Services

Elevated Strategies NY Announces Partnership with SeoSamba For Digital Marketing Services

Elevated Strategies NY Announces Partnership with SeoSamba For Digital Marketing Services 

Elevated Strategies NY, a New York based digital marketing agency, announced a new partnership with SeoSamba to offer small businesses and law firms a digital marketing package designed specifically to help start-ups market and grow their business. SeoSamba designed and engineered a marketing automation platform, CMS and CRM specifically for agencies and small and multi-location businesses. 


SeoSamba’s digital marketing solution for agencies was exactly what Jackie Cara, CEO of Elevated Strategies NY had been searching for to help grow her brand and to be able to offer her clients more robust services at highly competitive rates. “The platform improves my ability to professionally and productively address the needs of the businesses I serve”, states Cara.   


SeoSamba shares the same performance-driven approach as Elevated Strategies NY, which is why the partnership made so much sense. “On top of an integrated marketing automation toolset,  SeoSamba also provides agencies, small businesses and franchise brands with the most robust, advanced platform for data-driven marketing," comments Michel Leconte, SeoSamba's CEO, and then adds, “Elevated Strategies can now reach its ideal audience, and help their clients reach theirs, through a vast number of channels, while accessing digital key performance indicators at the same time, including paid ad campaigns, email marketing, social media, organic web traffic acquisition, phone calls, and online forms”

Cara notes that she found the process of setting up her platform through SeoSamba to be seamless, which will aid her in helping Small Businesses exceed their expectations for digital marketing.  

About Elevated Strategies NY
Elevated Strategies NY is a digital marketing agency based in New York that helps small businesses and law firms with growth and business development using marketing expertise learned the hard way and from many years of experience.  One of the unique things about working with Elevated Strategies NY is that they bring both marketing and subject matter expertise in areas such as law, business development and technical writing to the table.  


From the initial consultation through strategy, implementation and growth, Elevated Strategies NY helps business owners with the fundamentals of successfully running and marketing their business using the latest technology, by utilizing industry experts and through its partnership with SeoSamba.


Services offered by Elevated Strategies NY include digital marketing consulting, marketing strategy development, branding, website design and redesign, social media marketing, professional content creation, subject matter expertise, digital marketing analysis and reporting, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing. 


For more information about Elevated Strategies NY  and the services they offer contact us here .


About SeoSamba

SeoSamba serves thousands of multi location businesses and franchise networks around the world, with service centers in the United States and Europe.


SeoSamba’s hybrid, open-source framework is built around the Marketing Operating System dashboard and the SeoToaster CMS with a built-in CRM for an all encompassing centralized digital marketing solution.

SeoSamba offers turnkey franchise development with a franchise sales CRM, and franchise brand marketing solutions for emerging brands.   

For more information about SeoSamba’s services, visit www.seosamba.com, email info@seosamba.com or call: + 1 (877) 450-9894.