Statistics show that email marketing averages a return on investment of 36:1. Meaning for every $1 spent, your return is $36, making it one of the highest returns of any other organic marketing channel. Email marketing is an opportunity for you to stay front of mind with your clients, inform them of specials and sales, ask for referrals and reviews, welcome them as new customers and remind them of your many different offerings. Even mass emails can be customized and personalized, thanks to advanced software.

Elevated Strategies is an authority when it comes to email marketing. From creating your email marketing strategy, helping you procure contact lists, if needed, organizing and segmenting the lists, to crafting the copy for the email itself, Elevated Strategies is a full service email marketing company.

Once the campaign has been sent, we review the results and strategize the next steps in order to reach your desired results. We track email opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes and update your contacts lists as required.


Email campaigns designed by Elevated Strategies consistently have above average results, including high open and click rates. We take special care to test all the links contained in the copy, check and recheck for spelling and grammatical errors and ensure that it flows well and includes clear calls-to-action. Even graphics and stock images are included at no extra charge.

In addition to our mass email services, we also offer drip marketing campaigns. These campaigns are based on triggers and rules, that when met, automatically send a contact a specific email tied to the rule or trigger. This type of marketing is excellent for sending welcome emails, nurture emails and reminders to help you stay front of mind with your clients and prospects all the time.

Our system includes a built-in CRM and also integrates with any outside CRM with an API. To find out if your existing CRM integrates with our platform, please contact us.

Email Marketing remains the marketing channel with the highest ROI of any other form of organic marketing. Elevated Strategies will expertly design successful marketing campaigns that will help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today to get started!