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After 20 years of practicing law and running her own successful law firm, Jackie Cara, Founder, and CEO of Elevated Strategies, realized that the most challenging part of being a business owner was, well, the business. 

How were solo and small firm practitioners, small business owners and start-ups supposed to service their clients while carrying on the business of growing?  Jackie knew that she had been trained to practice law, but not grow and run a business.  When she became a managing partner at a new law firm, she learned the importance of marketing and business development training.  

Seeing the value that marketing expertise added to a young business, Jackie shifted her focus from practicing to growing a legal services company. 

Watching the strides the company made in a short period time with a commitment of time, resources and energy, was where Elevated Strategies was born.  


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Elevated Strategies is committed to helping you, the business owner, envision, strategize and implement proven and reliable steps you can take to grow your business and achieve your success. 

  • Foundational Marketing Consulting

  • Development of Marketing Strategies

  • Branding

  • Review and update website and social media accounts

  • Content Creation

  • Analytical Analysis 

  • SEO Improvement

  • Email campaigns to your contacts

  • much much more

Our Services

What people say about us?

  • I have been working with Jackie Cara and Elevated Strategies for several months now, and I have to say, she is amazing at what she does.  Her approach is smart and strategic.  As a boutique agency, "there is a personal touch in every aspect of the projects we give her.  Jackie goes above and beyond to deliver results based on feedback we provided.  She has also found new ways to help grow Project Recruit.    I highly recommend her for all of your marketing and branding needs."

    Connie Rinaldi

    Project Recruit
  • Jackie Cara has been handling our marketing, website and content creation needs for well over 3 years.  In addition to creating a comprehensive marketing strategy and long term goals for our company, Jackie has created our sales and marketing alignment so that everyone in the company is delivering the same message when they speak to clients.  We’ve seen our sales skyrocket by over 50% by making an investment in marketing.

    ZR Per Diem Services

Why Elevated Strategies

Passionate about Success 

"When you work in a business and own the business, whatever your business might be, who has the time to grow that business in a strategic way? That is where Elevated Strategies comes in."
Jackie Cara, Founder and CEO Elevated Strategies

I learned one thing about Law School after I started my own Law Firm. Law School had prepared me to think like a lawyer, but it had not prepared me to run a business. And it isn't just lawyers who find this out at one point or another, it's most types of businesses. What compels us to become business owners using our skills and experience, whether it be practicing law, preparing great meals, accounting, writing, building, or something else, is not what teaches us to run the business behind the skills we want to share with the world.

It was not until I became a partner in a national law firm with a founder and managing partner who was passionate about the business side of his practice that I was introduced to skills like educating my clients about what our services could do for them, explaining the value proposition of our firm and bringing that information to our perfect clients in a way turned our clients into our biggest promoters. What does all of that mean? Every business, to succeed, has to find a way to deliver a service that people want or need, hopefully, both, develop a strategy for providing that service in a unique and valuable way to the people who are looking for the service, let the right people know that the way services are offered is the best option available and then execute.

But going back to the original premise, most business owners aren't taught how to do this stuff. That is where Elevated Strategies comes in. After discovering that my passion was for helping other business owners achieve their goals and make their businesses shine, and doing that for several businesses over several years, some law-related and some not, Elevated Strategies was born as a platform for bringing the skills nobody taught you in law school (or business school, or whatever school you attended) to your business in a practical, personalized, manageable way.

  • Cornell Marketing Strategy Certificate
  • Cornell Integrated Marketing 360
  • Cornell Digital Marketing
  • Hubspot Certifications in Identifying "good fit leads"
  • Hubspot Certification in Setting Business Goals
  • Hubspot Certification Planning Long Term Content Strategies
  • St. John's University, School of Law
  • Marketing and Communication Strategist
  • Content Creation and Marketing Plans across multiple business areas.
  • Years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.
  • Over 25 years practicing law.