Branding a business is more than a logo, clever slogan and an eye catching color scheme. While all of these are important and are a part of branding, they are not the only part. When we say “branding” what we mean is building your brand. This starts with getting your “branding kit” or “branding guide” up to date but it isn’t complete without understanding the elements that make your brand different.

There are many, many businesses in the world. A handful of them have built a brand that is recognizable anywhere. Companies like Nike, Starbucks, Apple and Chevrolet, for example, have done such an excellent job with branding that just their symbol is recognizable by virtually anyone without having to mention the name.


Branding your business crosses many channels, platforms and services. The colors you choose, the products or services you sell, your reputation, your voice and messaging are all a part of your brand. When building your brand, you’ve got to decide how you want it to make people feel and make it resonate with your target audience.

Branding your business requires extensive research and knowledge. A lot of the research needed happens when creating your marketing strategy, such as competitor research and defining your target audience. Choosing your brand name, writing a slogan, finding colors and font type and designing your logo

Elevated Strategies helps you with all of the components of building your brand, from the design of your logo, to choosing your font type and writing your slogan, through deploying your new branding across all your digital channels and coaching you on keeping brand consistency with all of your marketing efforts.


Having a professional agency like Elevated Strategies, that is very experienced in brand building, will ensure that your brand is recognizable and that it is used consistently wherever your name appears online, even if you have multiple locations and managers. Using consistent branding assures customers and prospects that you’re professional and helps to build trust.

For the best and most complete branding services for your company, whether your business is brand new or well established, contact Elevated Strategies NY. Our branding services include logo design, font types, brand color scheme design, slogan creation and deployment of your branding across all of your digital platforms.